MARQ 400 LED Fog Machines W/Optional Fan
Location: Riverdale, Georgia

Excluding of delivery charges

  • Rental Security: $20.00
  • Model: 400
  • Condition: Used
  • Delivery Free: Yes
  • Available Date: Oct-23-2021
  • Minimum Rental Duration : 1 Day(s)

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Available quantity: 4

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(2) Black & (2) White Quantity Available.

This product is available for Free Delivery.

Delivery available within 50 miles of Riverdale, Georgia:

    Provider will deliver the equipment to the Renter at the agreed upon date and time. Should the Renter need additional time, the Renter MUST COMMUNICATE that to the Provider and receive confirmation from the Provider. Please note: if additional time is needed, the Renter may be charged an additional day at the normal rental rate. At the close of the event or the time of pickup, Renter must stay with the equipment until the Provider is present to receive and inspect it. Providers and Renters should take pictures and thoroughly inspect the equipment at the time of delivery/pickup.

    Refunds Exchanges

    Full refunds are allowed up to 24 hours prior to the event. The refundable deposit will be credited back to the renter's account.

    Additional Policies & FAQs

    Last updated Sep-24-2021