Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RX2 (Rekordbox All In One Controller)
Location: Orlando, Florida

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  • Rental Security: $50.00
  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Model: XDJ-RX2
  • Condition: New
  • Available Date: Jun-15-2024
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All-In-One DJ system for rekordbox

The XDJ-RX2 is an upgrade of the popular XDJ-RX, combined with features and traits from the flagship NXS2 series. The 2-deck, 2-channel all-in-one system delivers a professional DJ experience.

This all-in-one DJ controller features a large, 7-in. dual waveform touchscreen display and a club-standard layout that will be immediately familiar to professional DJs all over the world. Building on the success of the XDJ-RX, the XDJ-RX2 boasts a total of 16 performance pads, built-in effects, and 4-deck control. Handoffs between DJs mixing into one another is a snap thanks to dual USB inputs and dual soundcards.

The XDJ-RX2 can be used as a standalone, professional 2-channel DJ mixer, allowing you to sync with CDJs and analog turntables for added flexibility and creativity. The built-in mixer boasts enhanced performance features, and sports an improved, illuminated track selection knob that is more conveniently located at the top of the mixer next to the display screen. With its intuitive interface, you can easily search, select and load your tracks without having to lift your fingers off the knob or push additional buttons.
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General: In exchange for our rental of the Equipment to you for the Rental Term, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement. The Rental Fee will be due in full before your pickup of any of the Equipment. You agree to return the Equipment in the same condition as when you pick it up, with normal wear and tear excluded. You are responsible for any damage, loss, theft, or malfunction of the Equipment while you have possession of it. You cannot sublease or loan the Equipment to anyone without our written permission. Late Fees: If you return the Equipment late (after the Return Date), you agree to pay additional fees as follows: (a) Additional Rental Fees will be charged at the daily Rental Rate (partial days will be charged at the full daily rate), and (b) A Late Fee of Fifteen Percent (of Additional Rental Fees) will be charged. Unreturned Equipment: Besides paying for all Rental Fees and Additional Rental Fees, you agree to pay the Replacement Value for any Equipment that is not returned within seven (7) days after the Return Date. Damaged Equipment: If the Equipment is returned to us in a damaged, incomplete or inoperable condition, you agree to pay the Replacement Value. Security Deposit: In addition to a credit card authorization, you agree that we may charge you a security deposit for the Equipment, to be secured against loss or damage of the Equipment or non-payment of any rental fees. We will return any security deposit, less any amounts you still owe us, within 3 days after the Gear has been returned to us. Unpaid Sums and Remedies: You agree that we may charge your credit card and any security deposit for any unpaid sums you incur under this Rental Agreement (including those for rental fees and any lost, unreturned, or damaged Equipment). If you do not pay all amounts you owe us, we shall have all legal and equitable rights and remedies to collect all amounts due to us and to recover the Equipment. You also agree to pay for all costs of recovery for repossession and collection of damages for unpaid sums, including attorneys’ fees, court costs, and other expenses we incur to collect amounts due us or to recover our Equipment. Authorization: You authorize us to charge your credit card for unpaid sums. No Liability and Limitation of Liability: We are not responsible for, and accept no liability for, injuries, the faulty performance of, or the failure of the Equipment to perform as desired. We are not responsible for training you to use the Equipment properly. You agree to accept the Equipment “as-is” and with no warranties of any kind. You agree that we are not responsible for any losses or damage, including consequential, incidental, direct, and the like, even if we have reason to know of the likelihood of such injuries. In any event and under all circumstances, our maximum liability to you under this Rental Agreement is for the Rental Fee. It is your responsibility to check the Equipment for suitable condition and operability before leaving the premises with the Equipment. Indemnity: You assume the risks of and agree to hold us harmless from all property damage and personal injuries caused by the Equipment, where permitted by law.032
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