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  • "StageWing came through in a clutch with the mixer. They are dependable and showed up on time. Thank you, seriously."

    Saundae Service
    Saundae Service U.S.A.
  • "I love StageWing! It really makes it easy for me to have everything I need for a large gig. Best of all, I don't have to buy more expensive equipment."

    DJ Wilbe
    DJ Wilbe U.S.A
  • "I hired StageWing because I did not want to have to set up my speakers, and have to get the wires and extension cords...All I had to do was bring in my controller and viola I was ready to go and set up! They are very professional, on time and they deliver what they say they are going to deliver."

    DJ Mami Chula
    DJ Mami Chula U.S.A
  • "It was such a relief to know I had StageWing in my pocket. I reached out and said I need you guys to set up a full DJ system at the St. Regis Hotel. I roll up, it’s set, everything is taped down and sounds great."

    DJ Yvonne Monet
    DJ Yvonne Monet U.S.A