StageWing Payments
StageWing™ uses Stripe Connect, a trusted 3rd party payment processor to complete all payments for all StageWing™ wallet withdrawals.

How to connect to Stripe Connect

  • Login to your StageWing™ account
  • In ‘My Profile’ there is a tab titled ‘Stripe Account Info’. Click that to open up your Stripe Connect Details.
  • If you already have a Stripe Connect account managed by StageWing™, here you will see the bank account or debit card details connected and managed by StageWing™. If you don’t have a Stripe Connect account already, this information will be blank. Click on ‘Connect with Stripe’ to open up a new Stripe Connect account with StageWing™.
  • ‘Connect with Stripe’ will redirect you to a Stripe Connect registration form. Provide all of the information on this form to complete Stripe Connect Registration. Use only the account that you want to receive direct deposits from StageWing™. Again, this can only be a valid bank account or debit card. You may also need to provide personal information like your SSN and Date of Birth to complete this step and start receiving payments from StageWing™ through Stripe Connect.
  • After successfully completing the Stripe Connect form, you should be redirected to your StageWing™ profile displaying your newly added Stripe Connect account with StageWing™.
  • You should also receive email communication from Stripe once your account has been properly connected. You can also login to to track your payments from StageWing™.