OFF-STAGE with DJ Lillie Smalls: DJ Advice

We asked DJ Lillie Smalls a few questions about her DJ career, how she began djing and what advice she would give to DJs today.  See what she had to say.

DJ Name:

 Lillie Smalls 



Where you are from and where you are currently based:

Atlanta, GA

How did you get your DJ name?

I love Biggie, and I'm small. Lol

First gig as a DJ 

It was a birthday party for a dear friend. I was very nervous but I had so much fun playing for my friends and watching them dance.

Your definition of a DJ

A DJ is someone who curates music for people and spaces

Her advice:

What do you wish more DJs would begin doing or do more of in 2022?

Having fun! And turning on multi factor authentication on their social media.

Pre-gig rituals or practices

I pray! Just like Ciara. :)

Advice to give our DJ readers

The best way to grow as a DJ is to know other DJs. I feel like I have learned from so many great DJs and I thank so many for helping me throughout my career. They are my best source of business and I genuinely hope for the best for everyone!