OFF-STAGE with DJ OneNate: Free Game

We asked DJ OneNate a few questions about his DJ career, how he began djing and what advice he would give to DJs today.  See what he had to say.

DJ Name:

DJ OneNate           




Where you are from and where you are currently based:

Atlanta, GA


How did you get your DJ name?

The One in "OneNate" represents individuality & distinction. If you've lived in Atlanta for any significant amount of time, you know that everybody seemingly does everything...we have a million models, actors, rappers/singer, realtors, etc...but despite there being a million dj's, I wanted to make sure people understood there was only One-Nate.       


First gig as a DJ   

It was a birthday party for a dear friend. I was very nervous but I had so much fun playing for my friends and watching them dance.

Your definition of a DJ   

A DJ is someone who simply plays recorded music through an audio device... which anyone can do... This is why I say I'm a DJ Conductor: Someone who uses music to strategically create a desirable atmosphere for his or her audience.       

His advice:   

What do you wish more DJs would begin doing or do more of in 2022?

I hope they stop selling themselves short. Stop promoting "Professional Services" for cheap prices, it ruins the industry.           

Pre-gig rituals or practices

Just preparation. I think about who I'm going to be performing for, the layout of the event, what songs I could implement, and what moments I can create...Lastly I just go have fun.   

Advice to give our DJ readers

It's ok to see other DJs as competition, it's good to want to be the best, but think of this industry like a sport; Because of Tiger Woods, golfers are compensated more, because of Michael Jordan, NBA players are making more than ever, they raised the value of their respective sports, it's important for each one of us to do the same. So let that mindset reflect in how you price your services, how you treat your clients, and how you perform at your events.



Barry Eugene | @flexfocusphotography